Foto: Eric Fürstmann

Kerstin & Mani

Traurednerin Rune Meisel hält bilinguale freie Trauungen
Foto: Eric Fürstmann

Dear Rune,

what a magical, memorable day!

Thank you from all our heart for agreeing to be the master of our wedding ceremony.

We deeply appreciate the whole experience – from our first conversation with you all the way to the emails we exchanged afterwards. Each interaction with you was filled with so much heartfelt care, deep interest, non-judgmental openness and, most of all, a profound sensitivity for our situation, at the meeting point between two cultures.

The way you guided us all through the ceremony with a lot of attention to detail, making everyone feel included, with lightness, humor and ease allowed us both to fully relax into the experience and enjoy it to the fullest.

We still receive feedback from guests who were very touched by the way you held the space and framed our story (and yes, thanks for reminding us – we’ll secure the film script rights for it).

Thank you, Rune. Forever thank you.