Foto: Julia und Gil

Isabell & Peter

Freie Trauung Bayern | Freie TraurednerInnen | Strauß & Fliege
Foto: Julia und Gil

Anna is a pleasant and friendly person who helped us to plan the wedding and our „freie trauung“ in a way that fitted best to us.
She spend a lot of time to get to know us and to understand the reasons why we are meant for each other.

The questions and how she asked them, makes you think deeper about your feelings.

You know they are there, but they do not always necessarily pop-up into your mind in first instance. By asking the questions as she did, Anna was able to make us think a level deeper, which is a good thing.

Based on this Anna made a very nice and personal speech. Nice thing was that it also contained humor, which is a large part of our

In the ceremony the vow’s where a very personal, emotional and beautiful part.

It was good that Anna advised us to make these vow’s for each other, as this gave an even deeper emotional touch to the wedding.

As an advice for next time (for others) I would advice not to mentioned that people are not allowed  take pictures and/or video recordings during
the ceremony. You can mention that they put the camera’s to silent or so.This resulted into the fact that we do not have any video recording from
the ceremony and the music, which meant a lot to us.

Best regards, Isabell and Peter