Foto: Aad Vogel

Gabi & Dennis

Freie Trauung Holland Strandbar | Traurednerin Carola Schmid | Strauß & Fliege
Foto: Aad Vogel

Our Wedding took place on a beach in Holland and we wished for an informal, laid-back ceremony.

At first we did not want a ceremony at all; just a short exchange of rings. But after talking to Carola we were convinced otherwise.

And we couldnt be happier with the decision.

Many of the guests had never met each other before. Carola did a fantastic job creating an atmosphere of joy and love, – there were tears, there was laughter and there were goosebumps.

The ceremony built a great foundation for the rest of the day as she made the guests (who came from austria and holland) feel connected by creating moments of interaction already within the ceremony.

Carola also did an absolutely brilliant job on handling the bilingual situation witty and with charme preventing the translation-moments from becoming boring..

We couldnt have wished for anyone more perfect to be our master of ceremony on our special day.

Thank you, Carola! xx